Bluehost shared SSL : WordPress Configuration

Bluehost Shared SSL : WordPress Configuration

If you’ve subscribed for a Bluehost basic plan to host your wordpress blog, you can securely log in to your wordpress install without having to buy a dedicated IP or 200$ SSL certificate of you own. You can simply use the shared SSL certificate kindly provided by Bluehost. It however requires a little trick to work properly with wordpress.

1 – Find Your Bluehost Hostname

The first thing to do is to log into your bluehost cPanel to find the name of the machine / server your site is hosted on. As per this documentation  it is located in the stats column of your cPanel under the Hostname entry . You might need to expand the stats column to see it.  Here’s how it looks like at the time of writing :



2 – Build Your Secure wp-admin URL

With that information you are now able to rebuild the secure url pointing to the wp-admin area of your wordpress install. It will be in the form :

replace the XYZ with the actual number of the server of your bluebox install and ~username with your actual bluebox username. Now don’t go there yet! Worpress does not like this URL… it doesn’t care about it and you will eventually end up in a redirect loop of some kind.


3- modify your wp-config.php

To make things work you need a little hacking of your wp-config.php file.

Launch your FTP client, go to your wordpress install folder and find the file named wp-config.php. Make a backup of this file on your computer just in case. Now modify the file on your server and right after the opening comments add the following lines of code :

Once again modify the host part of the URL according to the actual host name of the box your website is hosted on. Plus, modify ~userName with your actual bluehost username.

Voilà !

Try the url you built above and you should be redirected to your wordpress login screen. Enter your credentials and you should be in ! Securely !

4 – Additional Tips

Now you might have some other problems coming up such as the urls of the images you insert into posts and the urls of the links to other pages of your blog.

Visit this page and follow the instructions to install the small fix Simen proposes.

All credit should go to Simen for his excellent explanation and plugin !

Enjoy !





3 thoughts on “Bluehost shared SSL : WordPress Configuration

  1. Hi! I’m not sure if the bluehost UI has changed but I can’t seem to find the stats column or the hostname anywhere in cpanel. do you know where it might have moved to?

    1. Yes apparently the bluehost UI changed a little. On top of that I can’t seem to figure out where to find the hostname anymore … 🙂 I’ll let you know if I figure out another way to find it.

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